About Me

Amanda is a writer, poet, documentary photographer, choir girl, and teacher currently working on her MFA at Vanderbilt in Creative Writing. She completed an MA in Social Documentation in 2009 at UC Santa Cruz with a photographic project on The Small House Movement, entitled Closer to Home. This blog is an expansion of that project.

While in Santa Cruz, Amanda lived in a backyard cottage, two apartments split up within older houses, and a trailer. She spent a summer living in a little early 1900's house on her parents' ranch in Central Texas, and is now installed in an attic apartment in Nashville which she will eventually post pictures of (she has to paint first).  

Amanda loves old houses, particularly Craftsman bungalows. She also loves clear words and efficient design, nooks, photos of people, singing, listening to music, her cat Leelu, her friends and family, and finding amazing people to talk to and share experiences with. Oh and coats. She really loves coats.